It’s My Party And I’ll Cry If I Want To – Get The Most Out Of Your Pity Party!

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Sweet, succulent pity. It’s the drug of choice amongst today’s chronically discontent. Tackling problems and conflicts head-on is a tiresome ordeal. Exerting your precious energy towards resolving challenges is not something an extraordinary individual such as yourself should EVER be expected to do. After all, is it not unreasonable to expect that your needs take priority and special concessions must be made to accommodate you–You fascinating, unique individual, you.

The world is oftentimes a cold, cruel place. Serving up heaping helpings of injustice upon you at a relentless pace. In many instances, nobody seems to understand. It is of utmost importance that you make your woes known!

Why address the chronic irritants in your own life when you can vehemently unleash your perpetual displeasure onto those around you? Ultimately, it’s everyone else’s fault you that feel the way you do, so why suffer in silence?

Remain steadfast in your unwillingness to evolve personally! Eventually, with hard work and perseverance, the world will eventually warp to your extraordinary narrative!

When people express pity towards you after enduring your zillionth whiny bitch-fest about the myriad of wrongdoings committed against you on a daily basis, it means they are true friends who really care. It is especially comforting when you share the same sources of victimization. Then you can engage in an orgy of boo-boo kisses and “I’m so sorry” with others who truly resonate and respect your plight.

If feels so good that it HAS to be good for you. It feels good to feel good and it feels great to endlessly vent your grievances, otherwise you might just accomplish something worthwhile! Spending your time doing meaningful things is totally pointless if you don’t have anyone present to acknowledge your pain n’ anguish experienced during them.

You are SPECIAL and when you experience difficulties others should coddle and pamper you. The world is a mean and horrible place and you didn’t make it that way. You’re just reacting accordingly to an unjust existence.

Enid Mozzer


  1. I have NO problem throwing a pity party and if someone is my friend they will understand and talk me through it.

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