How Can I Convince My Daughter To Date Outside Of Her Race? – Go Ask Jane

Jane, I’m currently dealing with a seriously urgent issue and I believe you’re the only individual with the perspective to lift me from my dilemma. After reading your heartwarming response to the mother who wanted her 3 year old son become transgender, I was moved beyond words by the compassion you displayed.

First, a little backstory on my situation. I was born to two white parents who were extremely abusive towards me throughout my entire childhood. Verbal, physical, sexual, you name it… I do not identify as Caucasian, although genetically, I am considered to be white. I have always resonated towards African American culture and have associated the white race with the pain, and oppression which dominated my upbringing. I feel a kinship among my dusky brethren as we share a common abuser. Caucasians are culturally a vicious and exploitative race, and I want no part of it.

I gave birth to a white daughter 13 years ago after being raped and impregnated by one of the boys I attended high school with. He took my virginity, and 9 months later, I was a mother. I do not agree with abortion so I had the child. She’s a beautiful girl, and thankfully very, very tan. She’s beginning to go through puberty, and has started noticing boys. My concern is that she does not seem to find African American boys attractive. I don’t want her first romantic experience with a man to be one of abuse and manipulation at the hands of some pasty white boy with delusions of grandeur.

I would hate for her to experience the pain I felt as a teenager. That’s why I want her to date nice black boys, or even a Hispanic. I want to be the grandmother to many precious little mixed race babies, not a herd of wicked miniature Hitlers.

What can I do to convince my daughter that dating outside of her race is the only way to truly be happy?

Thanks, Jane! You’re the best!


Dallas, thanks for writing in. You are certainly well within your right as a parent to want an interracial relationship for your daughter. Being romantically involved with a member of another race has definite perks in today’s society.

The first and most obvious step towards igniting your daughter’s jungle fever is to speak candidly with her about the pro’s of interracial dating. Let her know why you feel the way that you do. Explain how it will benefit her present situation, as well as her future. Share examples of why an African American or Hispanic man can offer her a more fulfilling relationship when the time comes to find a mate.

Also, be honest about your concerns when she shows potential interest in white boys. Let her know that no matter how kind and affable they seem, Caucasians are basically savage abusers in sheep’s clothing. Show her pictures of the ugliest white babies in contrast with the sweet cherubic innocence of mixed race children.

Expose her to media that is afrocentric. Show her movies that will enlighten, and culturally enrich your daughter such as Roots, X, Friday, Django Unchained, Shaft, and the recent cinematic celebration of African American culture, Straight Outta Compton. This will allow you to demonstrate to her that all strife experienced in these movies, and in reality, are a direct result of the abuse perpetrated by the white race.

Consider enrolling her in a school where black students outnumber white. Listen to the velvety smooth sounds of R. Kelly when she’s studying, or while you’re cleaning the house. Consider attending a black church, or eat at Popeye’s on Sunday. Moving to Atlanta, GA, will also ensure constant exposure to African American culture. Shop at black owned businesses. Attend Black lives matter protests.

The fewer white people your daughter sees the less likely she be to become attracted to one and pursue a relationship. Here’s to hoping that your diligence and efforts aren’t purely in vain.


Jane Agni

Jane Agni

Jane M. Agni is a professional journalist residing in the rain-soaked city of Portland, Oregon. She freelances for several prominent websites with a career spanning over a decade. Jane's second book, "The RFID Jounrnal", is slated to be released in time for the Holidays. Expect another round of the hard hitting investigative journalism that made Jane Agni a household name. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus for daily updates on new articles and more.


  1. this woman is obviously racist against whites (even though she is white) because of her parents. I dont know if forcing your kid to date black guys is the most healthy thing to do. there is statistically higher cases of domestic abuse in interracial couples.

    • Nah you the only racist here. This women just knows how white ppl really are and dont want her daughter getting messed up by them. Would never let my daughter bring home a white boy.

      • Never let my daughter bring home a black idiot like you….and I wouldn’t say that if I was standing in front of you?….I would…armed…because your first thought is to fight….can’t handle a little name, thats the sign of a PUNK!!

      • Yeah, it’s not like black men are violent or criminal prone or irresponsible or anything.


    • Yeah you another racist cracker. You wouldnt be saying that if a black man was standing there nah you wouldnt.

      • Yea dude…your first thought is to want to fight….yea, you’re a real man arent ya?…just a typical punk ass NIGGA PLAYA….I’ll also bet you have 5000 dollar rims on your 200 dollar car right?….and on welfare huh?…..yea thats right you are…getta job…

      • Yea…Its Ok for blacks to call whites any dam thing they want right?….like the “crakka” thing…bet you don’t even know where “Cracker” came from…..shut up dude, you’re more racist than any white dude I know just by how you run your fool mouth…

      • You black guys aren’t going to be so tough for too long. Maybe in your ghettos you’re tough, but these tough blacks wouldn’t go into towns or even Eastern Europe acting and talking like you do.

  3. The truth is you need to stay out of your daughter’s business lady. Humans prefer those who looks genetically similar to them and maybe if you stepped out of your cultural Marxist fantasy you would realize that. Lol at all the thirsty Tyrones talking about how the little white daughter should betray her race. By the way, race is real and not just a social construct. There are significant differences in intelligence between races where ashkenazi Jews have among the highest IQ’s and east Africans have among the lowest.

  4. Once a girl goes black….she’s a single mother….

    Thats what happens to 84% of women who have children with scum niggers…now there are good black men out there of course, but not to god dam many of them. Now don’t call me racist as I have married outside my race, and isn’t strange how politically incorrect statements are true?

  5. The woman asking the question is stupid, the journalist answering is a real moron and most of you black and white are morons, more so the blacks, but, maybe the right ones aren’t reading this.

  6. Disgusting article. If you want diversity, preserve your own blood lines and do not dilute and homogenize. Be proud of your history, culture, and race. For a mother to try and convince her daughter to close off their bloodline is a crime against their people and their ancestors. And shame on the woman providing this aricle who has no appreciation for preserving diversity. I’m a blonde-haired blue-eyes female, and I would never disgrace my culture and family.

  7. Okay this is the dumbest thing I’ve seen in quite a while. Why not let your daughter date who she wants and be happy about it? Don’t trust this journalist, I’ve seen her other responses to questions, she agrees with the person asking the question so she’ll get a positive rating.

  8. Wow…. This is the most racist thing I have seen in awhile. Let’s for one moment examine what this would sound like if the races were switched. I will be sending this to your local news teams with the hope that they will out you as the bigoted person you are.

  9. Forcing you child to be/do/date anything is inherently wrong. The mother is avenging the sins of her parents with her child and perpetuating the cycle of control, and manipulation down to her daughter. By trying to avenge the harm she suffered by the proxy of her daughter’s separate and distinct life. This is abuse in its own right. Imagine if the writer’s daughter had came out as gay and the advice sought was how to have her only date guys? Would the columnist write of “igniting her penis fever?”

    The woman has unresolved issues that need therapy. She will either drive a wedge that will break the relationship apart or make the daughter co-dependant. All with a wink and a nod from the columnist.

    My god, why is everyone so stupid anymore?

  10. The mother is saying she wants her daughter to not have to be abused by her parents like she was, her solution is to mentally and emotionally abuse her daughter and bully her into picking a partner that will please her mother…
    Anyone missed the irony?

    This mother should have been sterilized a long time ago, way before she started to abuse her daughter.
    Now I am thinking, this mother should even be permanently institutionalized together with that journalist.

  11. Wow. Some of the comments here are really fucked up.

    How about you stop being prejudice towards other people’s races and evaluate people as a whole. Was it not Dr Martin Luther King that said he wanted not to be judged by the colour of his skin but of the content of his character?

    I don’t have black or white or brown friends, I just have friends. White people aren’t inherently evil and neither is any race, people are people we just all look a bit different.
    Let your daughter date whoever she wants, it’s insidious that you would try and influence your daughter to a specific race when she’s just not attracted to them.

  12. What is all the fuss about? With that type of environment, the daughter is sure to become a white man as soon as she reaches adulthood. Then she can unite with her maternal grandparents and disown the mother when *she* enters an inter-racial relationship.

    Good on you, Jane for giving the mother the answer she deserved.

  13. I agree with the whole notion of allowing your child to date whomever she pleases regardless of race, but wow. You people on here are very racist. Saying take pride in your culture and whatnot. I hope you’re not talking about “white culture” because in all honesty, what culture is that exactly??

    • The whole world lulz. There is a reason why the Sun never set on the British Empire. White is right.

    • You know how you are speaking english and no other language let alone a non white language. But go on wheres the black culture besides war, slaving(it happens still by african hands), and violence.

  14. This woman needs to accept the fact that she’s white. You can’t change it.
    My grandfather was a full blooded Cherokee. My cousin came out dark, I came out white as snow. Bottom line, I accept the fact I am white and you should too. You think you can control who your daughter dates, but you can’t. She will eventually be out on her own and will date who ever she wants. My parents tried that with me, and I responded to it by hiding my relationships from them. I’m in my mid twenties and still hide my relationships from them. FYI, no I am not homosexual. Just had to let that be known, since I wasn’t gender specific in my comment regarding my past and present love interests.

  15. Please be a troll but if you are not, this is just sick. If the roles were reversed and she was dating a black man and you didn’t want her to that would be racist and wrong. No double standards, you are being racist.

  16. This article is satire. All of the “Jane Agni” articles are. What’s insane is that you can’t even tell until you look her up. That is how messed up our culture is becoming. This sort of bizarre “social justice” hate is becoming a normal thing. Very scary but props to the author for exposing the terrible culture in this country.

  17. ‘Caucasians are basically savage abusers’

    The racism against white people levels are through the roof

    I mean, f**k me, she insults the children of white people, calling them ugly.

    How f**king dare you, you wh*re, you disgusting wench, you witch

    I seriously am lost for words

  18. I cannot honestly believe what I was reading not only hypocrisy of the article but the comments as well… people you cannot continue to do this we are destroying ourselves

  19. Is this a joke? People come and ask questions to her and what kind of response she gives! This is insane! Dallas says she has been abused by her parents, now she doesn’t realize she is also abusing her own child by pushing her into something she might not like nor want. What kind of advice is this Jane? Have you lost your mind?

  20. You sound like you got raped by a black guy cause your daughter is Very Very Tan… and you want her to date black guys?

  21. Oh look, another self loathing cracker wants her prepubescent crotch spawn to grow up in another fatherless household.

    Maybe she’ll get lucky and her child will spend the rest of their adult life in and out of prison as well. Thank the stars for that below 80 average IQ.

  22. Shows that you have to force and indoctrinate kids into accepting interracial relationships because it isn’t natural for people to do so.

  23. the two people who wrote and did the response to this are the dumbest fucking cunts ive ever had the audacity to read a passage from in my life. both of you should be dead

  24. Wtf am I reading? Are you sure you aren’t just taking out your anger from your rape on your daughter? Or are you this mentally damaged from it? You should have aborted and saved your daughter from your emotional and mental abuse.

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