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  1. Hello,
    This is regarding a contributer to your website. Jane Agni and her recent racist comments. Her extremely inflammatory articlecaught the attention of multiple websites. As a citizen journalist I would like to get some information about how integral she is to your business? Also does your company agree with the opinions expressed in this article? How long has she been contributing to this site? Any and all information about Ms. Agni and her position in your company would be great.
    Thank you!

  2. Dear Jane, I read your piece on the convincing of the three year old that he is transgendered. The words some of the people called you and how misunderstood your piece was really surprised me. I thought your point was clearly to the right of the spectrum, but most folks thought you were were far left. Sad, really. Best to you.

  3. I hope your writer “Jane” feels really proud of herself for taking the easy fodder in her trans piece.

    The transgender community is flooded with enough hatred, for her to write this idiotic “satire” of a mother trying to force her child to be trans is really, really just sick. Thanks to her there are at least another hundred cisgender people who are going to take hatred and anger out on an innocent trans person.

    Are you all taking responsibility for the consequences of these articles? Because one of these days someone is going to kill one of us over crap like this…

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