5 Ways To Hit On Women At Work

Every woman has had to deal with unwanted advances by customers during her daily grind. But this article isn’t for the ladies on the frontline, at least not directly. Instead, Every Woman Weekly wishes to teach those magnanimous men how to PROPERLY entice a woman when she’s on the clock.

While some of these interactions may not always be comfortable, we should appreciate their ability to look past our ridiculous work uniforms, forced temperaments, the weight of bills and car payments and student loans all crushing down on you; To see the beautiful swan we really are under all those layers of responsibility is truly a man worth giving a chance! It is undeniable that women NEED to know they are desirable at all times, and this counts double when a gal is slaving away at a job she hates, forced to engage with person after person in rehearsed micro-exchanges which have long since become soulless and robotic in nature.

Learn Her Work Schedule

Don’t feel intimidated about approaching your romantic interest, even when she’s at work, as sometimes that’s the only way you can actually interact with her! This is why it’s imperative to learn a woman’s work schedule if you intend to court her. You can do this by going into her place of employment everyday for at least two weeks straight, taking note of when she is on shift, making small talk with the other employees. Attempt to glean information about her work schedule, hobbies, interests, etc. Not only will this provide you with all the necessary information to woo her, but will also create a valuable platform on which you can get to know her coworkers better and by proxy, her. Once you have her fully scoped out, then it is your time for a full frontal assault of courtship.

Begin With Some Casual Conversation

Now that you know when to strike, begin talking to her as she works. Be sure to show genuine interest by taking up as much of her time as possible while yammering about trivial things that are only interesting to you. Dress sexually provocative. Be sure to verbally inform her that it doesn’t bother you that she works in an entry level position. Alternatively, if she has a upper tier job, flatter her by mentioning how unusual it is for a woman to be in her position or how you’re totally cool with “women’s liberation and stuff.” Once you’ve got your ‘in’, go ahead and call her business and ask for her by name “just to chat”. If you ever have trouble getting through, be sure to tell whoever answers the phone that it is a family emergency!

Become Friends With Her Coworkers

Don’t be afraid to ask for her schedule in advance from her fellow associates–this is why it is important to establish a positive relationship with the people she’s forced to surround herself with. Chances are, they will be incredibly sympathetic to your endeavors, also providing a great segway into budding friendships. If you get really tight with them, they will be sure to include you in after-hours social gatherings where you can “casually” bump into your intended outside of work, or let you in on her late-night gym routines!

Bring Your Peers In To Visit With You

Bring your friends along with you during a visit to her job. This way you can confront the object of your desires while showing off your sterling personality amongst a group of your closest peers. Under the pressure of professional interactions, she cannot outright refuse your company, and it’ll also make you seem well-adjusted and popular! Not to mention, the fact you don’t seem to have to work yourself, your assumed financial and social status will make her more receptive and charmed by these continued advances! Women naturally gravitate towards alpha males who can provide security, and what’s more secure than a man with a bunch of great friends and the most valuable thing in the world: Free time!


Many of us women are shy and like to be chased. Show her that you are sincerely interested by waiting for her after work (as instructed in our earlier tip), or ask for her when she clearly walked into another room just after she had seen you waltz through the door. Don’t take no for an answer! Pursuing a romantic interest can take a while, so don’t expect her to yield immediately for her charms; in fact, no woman that eager to return your advances is woman worth thinking about! Dating in the modern world is a delicate game of cat and mouse, and it may take months to finally wear down the object of your affection, so just be patient and consistent, as this will demonstrate the true depth of your romantic nature.

Enid Mozzer

Enid Mozzer

Enid is a 23-year-old student at the "School Of Hard Knocks", a phrase she insists she coined IN 2016. Self-diagnosed bipolar, with traits of dissacociative order, and sociopathy, Enid's writing comes from a feeling of duty, and compassion for her fellow woman. Ms Mozzer feels she generally knows what is best for others, and is happy to share these nuggets of wisdom. Unfortunately we cannot fire Enid as she somehow came into possession of photographs which depict the site's publisher in a compromising position. For this reason--and this reason alone--Enid gets free reign around here, and will likely put Every Woman Weekly out of business or have us embroiled in a heated lawsuit by year's end. Enid requests that we also add to her bio that she is currently single, and lives with her 7 cats in an RV parked on a portion of her parent's property. “Rent free”, she says. If you would be interested in dating Enid please email her here with a photo, detailed list of physical statistics, and at least three paragraph about about yourself, why Enid should date you, and what you expect/can provide in a long term relationship.

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