5 Unique Decoration Ideas For Thanksgiving Celebrations

With Thanksgiving just around the corner and those kitschy Halloween decorations already stowed away for another year, is your autumnal décor looking rather basic? Are you perhaps searching for a new theme for your annual holiday gathering? Are those fall colors looking too dark and oppressive? Search no more, for Every Woman Weekly is here with some tips and ideas to breathe new life into your stagnant and outdated seasonal decorations just in time to impress your friends and those overly critical family members!

01. Keep It Raw

Trends for this year show a lot of simple, rustic themes, such as rough and untreated wood and bark. Save yourself some money on costly embellishments that will only be up long enough for you to regret trying to impress extended family, and simply find an old log out in the woods. Let its unique, earthy shape and authentic moldering smell inspire you at a local craft store, and outfit your find in a bouquet of elegant plastic foliage and a score of tasteful tea-light candles!

02. Upcycling Is Never Out Of Fashion

Keeping up with our last suggestion, a great way to use those fallen bits of bark and wood fragments from your new centerpiece is to simply incorporate them into smaller home accents: Like candle holders! No one really needs an excuse for more candles, and this way you can also use those uselessly fragrant jam and spaghetti sauce jars you’ve been saving for just the right Pintrest project! Glue sheets of bark or birch paper around the outside of the jar and put in a candle or an LED flameless candle. Take it a step farther by wrapping the jars in a bit of twine and give them to your guests! They will never suspect that this rustically stylish gift is really made out of natural debris and recycling containers!

03. Roughin’ It For The Holiday

One of the biggest faux pas to overlook while renovating your new seasonal style is the linens—you don’t think those nosey neighbors won’t notice those same dried out flannel-backed vinyl tablecloths, year after year? Is your family too messy to justify using expensive linens with them? Save yourself both socially and financially by resourcefully repurposing burlap bags into quaint, charming placemats to welcome your guests with a fabric that definitely won’t remind them of animal feed bags! With only a few tools and materials, you can make anything from table runners, to banners, hand towels, seat cushions, napkins, and for the family who drinks together, matching beer cozies! And the clincher? Afterwards, with a cloth so cheap and easy to acquire, you can simply throw everything out afterwards and avoid the responsibility of harrowing Thanksgiving clean up!

04. Baring The Bones

Most of the Thanksgiving holiday rests on the pervading sense of tradition, a structure very much unchanged even in this modern age of midnight openings for Black Friday sales and dissociative social media addictions. What we suggest here at Every Woman Weekly is to literally go back to the bare bones in our next seasonal décor tip. While taxidermy is considered old fashioned, tasteless and frankly, often disturbing, trends now suggests that animal bones are much more fashion-forward! You can find many species for sale at local taxidermists and online, but don’t be afraid to look for some decaying animal remains while searching for that aforementioned log out in the woods, or opportunistic road kill on the way home! Just rebury the carcass in your yard for a few weeks to naturally clean the bones of rotting tissues and get ready to set that new raccoon skull on the dining room table! There’s nothing more comforting and attractive to your distracted friends and family than to remind them of their mortality at a time of warmth, thankfulness, and plenty.

05. Remembering The Sacrifice

Keeping in the theme of “bringing the outside inside”, our next suggestion pushes the envelope while also maintaining tradition, even if that means also bringing some fresh ideas into the homestead. Perhaps the raccoon skull is overwhelmed by all the bustle and hubbub of family gossip and closeted skeletons, or perhaps it goes unnoticed in the glazed-eyed spells of Twitter feed scrolling and Tinder swiping for some after-turkey stuffin’, but your guests won’t be able to take their eyes off this avant-garde table setting. Go all out with a live, tranquilized turkey presented on the table! Nothing speaks more to the essence of Thanksgiving than a live turkey gazing on, helplessly paralyzed as it watches one of its brethren being devoured. Remind not only the turkey of it’s thankfulness for surviving this slaughter, but also your loved ones! There are more things to be thankful of than the great Black Friday deals at Best Buy and Macy’s!

Being a Thanksgiving host is truly a thankless job, but there will be nothing more rewarding than to captivate your friends and family with these thoughtful and resourceful way of simplifying your holiday décor and traditions!


Jane Agni

Jane Agni

Jane M. Agni is a professional journalist residing in the rain-soaked city of Portland, Oregon. She is currently Editor-In-Chief of the websites, Every Woman Weekly, and Self-Worth Digest, in addition to being Senior Journalist for the infamous news satire site, National Report. Follow Jane on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus for daily updates on new articles and more.


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