5 Festive And Fun Beauty Tips For The Holidays

The Christmas and New Year season is all about looking fab while getting into the holiday spirit, so why not up your Instagram game, highlight your natural beauty, and find the perfect party look with these fun, sexy, and jolly looks below!

Glittered Hair Parts

Glitter can solve any number of problems! Glamorous, sparkling and kitschy, you can hide a number of scalp conditions by covering your head in glitter. Too busy, lazy, or broke to book an appointment with the salon? Just cover dull hair regrowth, psoriasis of the scalp or female pattern baldness with generous helpings of glitter and your favorite firm-hold hair styling gel to get an instant festive look!

Seasonal Hairdos

Unleash your creativity with this next trendy hair tip: make your own holiday-inspired up-do! Messy buns, elegant French braids and voluminous waves are a great way to mirror Christmas motifs such as wreaths, or you can go the whole 9 yards with a bouffant-style Christmas tree! Then decorate your ‘do with an assortment of gift wrap bows, bells, baubles, ribbon, or even tangled swings of battery operated LED lights and quickly become the life of the holiday office party!

Christmas-Themed Eyebrows

Tumblr and Facebook are filled with pictures of beautifully sculpted brows. From ombre fades to messy, feathered edges, so there’s no reason you can’t deck your own eyebrow hairs out for the Yuletide season!

Just take a small brow brush and styling gel to shape your hair into wreath-like branches or reindeer horns. Flare the hairs out for a great illusion of volume, or give them a flirty curl, then paint them with your desired pigments and/or embellish with small rhinestones!

For the body hair positive woman, feel free to experiment using the dramatic growth on your upper lip in a clever and stylish jab at the patriarchy!

Gold-Leaf Hair

The next evolution of the glittered hair part, only more expensive, time-consuming and difficult to maintain! This look will not only be sure to make you appear elegant, elevated and creative, but also like you suffer from some horrific form of metallic dandruff.

Just apply ultra-mega strength hair gel as liberal as your opinions about body positivity and set the gold leaf as desired. You can tear it into small pieces to line your hair part, plaster the entire side of your head with it, or simply press it all over your hairline and comb it through the rest of your mane! You’ll have a sleek, chic and not at all clumpy look sure to wow this holiday season.

Glitter Contour

Like we said earlier, glitter can solve just about anything. It’s the ‘duct tape’ of beauty products. So in our final tip, we suggest you contour your entire face in glitter! Besides being superficially beautiful and shimmery, just like your favorite Instagram filter, it is dazzling and deflective, meaning that this will be a perfect way to hide and distract from any bothersome skin flaws, such as pimples, meth sores, or the entirety of your busted-looking nose.

Who needs a personality to overcome aesthetic pitfalls when you can devastate an entire room with a highlight that could be seen from the stratosphere? Feel free to incorporate sequins to build texture and variation, especially if you have large pockmarks marring long expanses of your face.

Debra Quiety

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