4 Holiday Season Life Hacks

DIY Fireplace

Don’t own a fireplace, and having a hard time trying to explain to your young children how Santa gets inside of your fixed-income apartment? Don’t worry, you can build your own faux fireplace without having to worry about pesky zoning requirements and renovation permits! Just go to your nearest Home Depot and select your favorite heavy brick or stone and stack them painstakingly against the wall into the shape of a fireplace against the wall. Finish it off with a whitewashed 2 x 4 over the top for a mantle, a piece of posterboard with fire drawn onto it in the medium of your choice, and hang those stockings! For a few extra bucks you can always take cheap cinder block and spray paint it a festive red! Now you and your family can enjoy the superficial elegance of non-functional and empty fireplace—and if anyone calls it a little “rough”, just say that you intended it to be more rustic and on trend!

Sensory Snow

For those of you living in areas where you don’t regularly enjoy snow, our next suggestion is to learn how to make your own! Put the kids in the best holiday mood with the latest seasonal variant of “sensory dirt” and “sensory sand”! Like silly putty, Playdough or Gooze, this new, fun and kid-friendly hack will keep you and your child entertained for hours as they squish it onto important paperwork, down the only toilet, or into their own mouths! All you need is a few household ingredients and a couple minutes to create a Merry Christmas mess that you will enjoy cleaning for hours to come! Take it a step further with a some extra boxes of baking soda, a whole jar of glitter, and a leaf blower to create blizzard-like conditions in your living room! It’s the closest your family will ever come to living inside of your own beautiful snowglobe!

Holiday Housecleaning

Another hassle of the holidays are the enormous responsibilities of presenting a clean home to your guests, which is near next to impossible to keep perfect. Or, you might have unexpected company stopping by while they are in the neighborhood. One of the best methods for prioritizing and saving time is to simply hide all the things you haven’t gotten a chance to deal with, such as stuffing all the dirty laundry out of sight or putting dirty pots and pans in the oven where guests can’t see them! Because after all, nothing says “I am completely prepared for this Christmas family gathering” like baking all your dirty and forgotten dishes in the oven while it is preheating!

Just Buy It!

As much as we want to believe that hacks will really simplify our lives and make our friends and family believe we are resourceful and creative, sometimes it is best to call a cigar a cigar. Instead of trying to make handmade heart shaped marshmallows for the perfect hot cocoa Instagram photo, we suggest that you simply go to the store and buy them ready-made. For less than $3-$4, you can forgo all the trouble of making this cheap, mass-produced sugar confection at home and have Instagram-ification!

Debra Quiety

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