10 Wackiest Baby Onesies On Amazon

Looking for some off-beat infant clothing to ostracize yourself at the next dry-as-a-bone baby shower you’ve been invited to? Or are you just looking for a few laughs to avoid labeling yourself as the most pedestrian gift-giver in the history of the world? Well check out the following list of ten baby onesies and become inspired!

/our Top Ten list of poorly chosen content to put on a baby onesie and become inspired! All of these rompers are available for purchase, dear readers, so don’t be shy to place an order if something particularly speaks to you!/


This is the perfect onesie for the self-cloned baby in your life!

Link: https://www.amazon.com/Dream-R-Newborn-Sleeve-Bodysuit-Outfits/dp/B0773KBYSG/ref=pd_d0_recs_v2_nib_193_1?_encoding=UTF8&refRID=WE56CQPGMG3AH1SHF0DG

Piggy Slave

Complete with an adorable image of a guinea pig, while still managing to conjure the most disturbing and unwelcome mental images imaginable!

Link: https://www.amazon.com/Dream-R-Newborn-Sleeve-Bodysuit-Onesie/dp/B077HRJDLT/ref=pd_d0_recs_v2_cwb_193_2?_encoding=UTF8&refRID=17YP4BRH7XX4SPT3G62Q

Slayer – God Hates Us All

A must-have for that upcoming Westboro Baptist Church baby shower!

Link: https://www.amazon.com/Dream-R-Newborn-Sleeve-Bodysuit-Outfits/dp/B077HPMGV1/ref=pd_d0_recs_v2_nib_193_5?_encoding=UTF8&refRID=S7C8GCXRZXWFX9F6B8P0

Foxy Grandpa

There’s no way you can cut this which will make it tasteful. Is is proclaiming how much of a silver fox their grandpa is? Like some crawling, bobble headed billboard for pappy’s still-viril sex life, OR, this infant has somehow managed to already have children who have had their own children, all in a 3 month span.

Link: https://www.amazon.com/Dream-R-Grandpa-Newborn-Jumpsuit-Outfits/dp/B077HSPJ5X/ref=pd_d0_recs_v2_nib_193_6?_encoding=UTF8&refRID=2M0RM92CAH57X4D7YWTH

I am a Dad and a Nurse, Nothing Scares Me

Literally nothing. Which is why I play russian roulette competitively!
Link: https://www.amazon.com/Dream-R-Newborn-Sleeve-Jumpsuit-Outfits/dp/B077HZ7NX9/ref=pd_d0_recs_v2_cwb_193_1?_encoding=UTF8&refRID=1J33C6VPS24ZNZ5B1KNB

Shroom Onesie

One-of-a-kind romper for the hallucinogenic-eating infant!

Link: https://www.amazon.com/Dream-R-Mushroom-Newborn-Bodysuit-Outfits/dp/B077HWGJQG/ref=pd_d0_recs_v2_nib_193_6?_encoding=UTF8&refRID=P0GJ87QMR8RJ21YM3E7X

Life Is Short

Because nothing reminds you more of your frail and fleeting mortality than just being born.

Link: https://www.amazon.com/Dream-R-Newborn-Sleeve-Climbing-Clothes/dp/B077HPXBJ1/ref=pd_d0_recs_v2_cwb_193_5?_encoding=UTF8&refRID=7XYWKAQKHNKGW7E0J7QF

Wooden Spoon Survivor

For those babies who have survived infant abuse. Because that’s something you want to advertise. That you beat your baby. With wooden spoons.

Link: https://www.amazon.com/Dream-R-Wooden-Survivor-Newborn-Bodysuit/dp/B076XT1RF5/ref=sr_1_29?ie=UTF8&qid=1511860926&sr=8-29&keywords=baby+survivor+onesie

Will Work For Weed Baby Onesie

Please make it stop…

Link: https://www.amazon.com/Pop-Threads-Other-Infant-Bodysuit/dp/B06XXXF9NN/ref=sr_1_10?ie=UTF8&qid=1511859507&sr=8-10&keywords=wacky+baby+onesies

This Is For The Women Who Don’t Give A Fuck

Early childhood feminist indoctrination, or a warning to women who refuse to use contraceptives, we honestly can’t tell.

Link: https://www.amazon.com/Dream-R-Newborn-Sleeve-Bodysuit-Outfits/dp/B077HQT7RG/ref=pd_d0_recs_v2_cwb_193_1?_encoding=UTF8&refRID=MXRACQ472QPMBAXX93CV

Jane Agni

Jane Agni

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